Treachery of biblical proportions

illegal and unconstitutional

Ever since the illegal and unconstitutional installation of Traitor Biden as president of the USA, against the peoples wishes, I have not written much. Against the peoples wishes i hear you say, YES, against the peoples wishes. You can’t tell me that traitor Biden won the election when he couldn’t even fill a bus stop with supporters at his so called rallies. Meanwhile the rightful president Donald J Trump was filling stadiums with thousands upon thousand of people in support of his campaign for re-election.

It shocked and disgusted me how FAKEbook and TWIsTTER and POOgle ganged up on the duly elected and much loved president Trump and basically DE-throned him. They blocked his posts and finally DE-platformed the duly elected sitting president of the USA and censored the peoples right to free speech. This is disgusting and should never have happened. As far as i am concerned Jack Dorsey, Suckerberg and whoever is running Google now should be arrested for treason. What they did by not exposing Biden’s ties with China through his son, and the laptop from hell was nothing short of TREASON. Who do these people think they are? Just because they became mega rich selling off all of our information and privacy to the highest bidder, does not give them the right to interfere in a presidential election.

Election – treachery at the highest levels

I watched the landslide victory that Mr Trump was having and was sure (and still am) that he won the election fair and square.

Traitor Biden

But (just as the image above shows) there were some very odd occurrences during the night that led the moron elitist’s to proclaim victory for traitor Biden. What utter and complete nonsense. As the traitor stated before the election ” I don’t need you to win the election, it’s after i have won I’ll need you”  There was so much corruption and subversion going on that night, it just staggered the senses to think that they could get away with it. And yet they did, the American people just rolled over and played dead. What a bunch of spineless losers!

But the blame does not stop there. Even with the mass irregularities and fraud on election night, what happened in the days after was just as disgusting. Even with all the evidence of cheating and ballot stuffing and dead people voting, and more votes than citizens in places, and with evidence to prove such, no one would listen, no one would even review the evidence, no high court no judge no lawyer. None would contest ….. Then it hit me, even so called Republicans would not support the legal sitting president. WHY? what was going on?

In my humble opinion I think that all or at least the vast majority of congress are corrupt. They are either caught in deviant activities like participating in Geoffrey Epstein video taping honey pot, or compromised by bribery and extortion, or maybe just plain cowards with no moral conviction to stand for what is right. Either way you slice it, they are worthless, spineless, corrupt, traitorous, perpetrators of treasonous acts and wholly complicit with the deep state actors and oligarchs that really run America behind the scenes. These tyrants have control of not only the senate and the house, but also the news and social media networks, medicine, power, stock markets and anything else they want. They are higher than the law and UN-prosecutable. They think they can do whatever they please, but, their end is sure and their fall is inevitable. Money is no obstacle to them, and God spoke rightly of them when He said that “the love of money is the root of ALL EVIL. They have no idea that hell is a real place, and the fact that they will soon spend eternity there in perpetual anguish and pain unless they repent and turn to the only savior of mankind Jesus Christ.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

Vengence is mine

Come out of her my people

Revelation 18:4

And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.

As i struggled to make sense of why God had allowed this evil to fall upon the USA it became apparent to me that i needed to get away from any involvement in this corrupt and evil empire. I felt that God was prompting me to delete all my social accounts (which just made me angry most of the time anyway, with all the idiocy therein) I was sick and tired of FAKEbook telling me that the truth i was posting was false information, purely because they said so. what arrogance, what control, utterly sickening.

Firstly i suspended my account on FAKEbook for a couple of weeks, for some reason there was a little trepidation about totally deleting my profile, but after not using it for a couple of weeks it became pretty easy to just delete all my social media profiles completely.

DE-GOOGLE yourself

Once my profiles were deleted i felt i wanted to go further. I was already a paid member of  You should read what the SILLYcon valley mob tried to do with Andrew Torba the founder of Gab just because he would not bow to the tyranny of the oligarchs and openly promoted free speech. Then i started to look around for other ways to free myself from the spying, lying, cheating and stealing systems that made money by selling my private information.

There are a few options to stop Google spying on and then selling your information for their profit. You can click the link above and do as i did to get rid of Google altogether, by installing the E Foundation ROM ( click the link above)  on your phone or you can use the Lineage OS for your phone to block Google even knowing you have a switched on phone. It does take some time if, as i did, you don’t know how to install a custom ROM on your phone, but there are many youtube video’s and other helps out there. Actually while talking about Youtube (owned by Google) there is another way to watch Youtube video’s without them knowing you are viewing go to To view Google video’s anonymously.

Also you can get around Googles play store monopoly by downloading and using

This allows you browse and install apps that are in the play store anonymously too. Come out of her my people, don’t let them know anything about you and your activities. If you download an app….. You are the app !



Think about this?

If Biden really did win the election, why was his inauguration carried out behind military fencing, and why is that fencing and military protection still needed today? Talk about a banana republic!

The crazy megalomaniacs that run the whole earth are hell bent on killing off as many “deplorable’s”  as they can. Keep you eye on what is happening in Ukraine, the south China sea and Iran. Now that Barry Sotoro is yanking Biden’s chain again nuclear war has never been closer. The only safe place to be in in the bosom of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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