Shelter in place : Vital information

Shelter in place, really?

Shelter in place we are told by the authorities, and rightly so if we want to curb the spread of Covid 19. That is all well and good for a while, but how long can one shelter in place?

As a bible believing Christian I would like to propose an altogether better response and phrase, how about shelter in praise?

Shelter in place, or shelter in praise?

According to a Marin magazine article, here are 5five thing you can do to ease the pain, or occupy your time with

#1, take a walk in the woods, out and about in nature. It is true that a good peaceful walk in relative seclusion is good for quieting the soul and giving room for thought, and on that note, I was thinking the other day, can you make a water-bed more bouncy by using spring water? But I digress, so what if you don’t live in a rural location? And anyhow, is that even allowed when you are living under a shelter in place order?

#2 Yoga, hmm, well OK, never done it before and don’t know how, I guess I could always go online and watch a video on how to do it, but I’d rather just contemplate my navel.

#3 The ten best books of 2019, Well I guess you almost certainly will have time to read, and reading is a great way to escape into some fantasy land and forget, even if for just a little while the situation you find yourself in. Speaking of books, this book is the best-selling book in the world at 3.9 billion copies sold over the last 50 years

#4 Marie Kondo’s cleaning method What’s that old saying, cleanliness is next to Godliness? While it is true that cleanliness is a vital part of keeping your family safe-er from covid 19 there is only so much you can do, let’s say you live in a three bedroom house and you decide you are going to thoroughly clean each room in the house, how long would that take?

Let’s see, if we thoroughly clean just one room a day, how many days could we gobble up? Three bedrooms, equals three days, Kitchen, bathroom, lounge, study, hallways, maybe a wash or tack room if you have one, so that is nine. Nine days out of 14 is not bad, but what if it the shelter in place order goes on much longer?

#5 Gardening, great idea, if you have one, not only will it give you something to do, but also can help with saving money, by growing food to eat. But I don’t have a garden you might say, no problem. Here is a selection of indoor gardening kits just for you. Grow your own lettuce, beets, cucumbers, peppers etc, they will taste great and not have any garbage pesticides and God knows what else on them.

So there you have it, 5 things you can do to stop you going crazy in a lock down situation. There is one more item that I would add to this list, which is in fact the best option available anywhere in the world. Rather than shelter in place, how about shelter in praise?

Shelter in praise

Shelter in praise, get your mind off all the negative, look up, as it says in Psalm 121:1-2  I will lift up my eyes to the hills—Whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. Or, Isaiah 54:14 In righteousness you shall be established; You shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; And from terror, for it shall not come near you.

Hallelujah, what a precious faith for those who believe in God, for we are not alone and adrift in this world like those poor wretches that do not know the Lord, there is no hope for them, no comfort, no refuge, no assurance, no future, no hope, no peace, no rest, and ultimately no chance, because they choose to be ignorant, as it says in Romans 10:3

For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and seeking to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted to the righteousness of God.

What hope is there for them who are willingly ignorant? Those who are rushing toward hell with their fingers in their ears? nevertheless, there is a hope for them, and there is forgiveness freely offered, but it is entirely up to them to ask. God will never stuff it down their throat, that is not His nature. Willingly ignorant people just don’t do any searching for meaning in their lives, after all, Atheists don’t solve exponential equations because they don’t believe in higher powers. 🙂

8,000% increase in 15 days!

According to the San Francisco Chronicle There are now over ten thousand covid19 infections in America, that’s an 8,000% increase in just 15 days. No wonder people are nervous with numbers like that. If only my pension portfolio was going up with numbers like that 🙂

Of course it’s not all bad news, take gas prices for instance, I just read that a gas station in London, Kentucky has dropped it’s price to just 99 cents a gallon. And I also got gas for $1.39 today. Unfortunately, it was at Taco Bell 🙂 Car prices too will inevitably drop in the coming months, so, you see it’s not all doom and gloom, in fact why don’t you Get a new car for your spouse – it’ll be a great trade! 🙂

Always look on the bright side of life

Do you remember the movie The life of Brian?

Some things in life are bad

They can really make you mad

Other things just make you swear and curse

When you’re chewing on life’s gristle

Don’t grumble, give a whistle

And this’ll help things turn out for the best

And always look on the bright side of life

Always look on the light side of life. Life seems jolly rotten

There’s something you’ve forgotten

And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing

When you’re feeling in the dumps

Don’t be silly chumps

Just purse your lips and whistle, that’s the thing

And always look on the bright side of life

(Come on)

Always look on the right side of life. For life is quite absurd

And death’s the final word

You must always face the curtain with a bow

Forget about your sin (you can only forget about your sin, if you have been forgiven of it)

Give the audience a grin

Enjoy it, it’s your last…

Good news

according to the Seattle PI There is good new to be had about Covid19, while it may only be small fry in lifting peoples spirits, every little helps. The real Good news, is the fact that Jesus is alive and temples are free to enter – but still empty. Pubs charge to enter, and are full. It seems that people ignore inner peace and choose to pay for self-destruction instead.

Did you know that photons have mass? I didn’t even know they were Catholic.

Matthew 5:3-12 tells us about happiness.

True Happiness

“Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor;

the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!

4 “Happy are those who mourn;

God will comfort them!

5 “Happy are those who are humble;

they will receive what God has promised!

6 “Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires;

God will satisfy them fully!

7 “Happy are those who are merciful to others;

God will be merciful to them!

8 “Happy are the pure in heart;

they will see God!

9 “Happy are those who work for peace;

God will call them his children!

10 “Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires;

the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!

11 “Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my followers. 12 Be happy and glad, for a great reward is kept for you in heaven. This is how the prophets who lived before you were persecuted.

Proverbs 12:25 Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad.

Happy is the man who can sing My God will never fail.

Till next time.

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