Shelter in place : Copper kills viruses

Copper kills viruses

Today I am going to share some information with you that is truly of a profound yet simple nature. The information that I share with you today could indeed help to save your life. Please share this information with everyone you can.

The discovery

In 1852, physician Victor Burq visited a copper smelter in Paris, where they used heat and chemicals to extract the reddish-brown metal. Burq found the facility to be “in poor condition,” along with the housing and the hygiene of the smelters. Normally, their mortality rates were “pitiful,” he observed.

Yet, the 200 employees who worked there had all been spared from cholera outbreaks that hit the city in 1832, 1849, and 1852. When Burq learned that 400 to 500 copper workers on the same street had also mysteriously dodged
cholera, he concluded that something about their professions—and copper had made them immune to the highly infectious disease. He launched a detailed investigation into other people who worked with copper, in Paris and other cities around the world.

After visiting 400 different businesses and factories in Paris, all of which used copper, and collecting reports from England, Sweden, and Russia on more than 200,000 people, he concluded to the French Academies of Science and Medicine in 1867 that “copper or its alloys, brass and bronze, applied literally and topically to the skin in the cholera epidemic are effective means of prevention which should not be neglected.” Read the full article from here

Copper kills viruses !

Copper kills viruses. Why is this vital information not broadcast from the rooftops and shouted down every valley? Long before plastics and stainless steel, copper was used for many things like, Bed steads, basins and faucets, door knob and railings. Imagine a heavily trafficked area, like a post office or doctor’s surgery, suppose these places had copper door handles, would that not be far better than plastic or stainless? A visitor with a virus goes into the doctor’s surgery, opening the door via the stainless steel door knob, now the virus is on the door knob to infect the next persons to go through that door! But, if the door knob were made of copper the infection could not spread so easily.


There is now yet another virus coming out of China that you may not have heard of, this one is called Hantavirus and it comes from rats and mice. It is not a new strain but it is still worrying that people in China eat mice and rats of all things. Is it any wonder that people would die from eating rodents. Here is an article on the latest death from Hantavirus, published in the New York Post.

I can’t believe that viruses and bacteria would just invade my body without a permission. That just makes me sick 🙂

Plagues, pestilence and war

If one reads Revelation 6, you could be forgiven in thinking that the end is upon us. We have a pandemic plague, which has been named Coronavirus or Covid 19 (surely the next pandemic must be Lyme disease, after all, who doesn’t like Corona and lime 🙂  ) which could quite possibly kill millions before it’s over.
What of pestilence? There are at least 12 countries right now that have significant locust problems.

According to Locust watch the problem is extremely alarming in the Horn of Africa, specifically Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia where widespread breeding is in progress and new swarms are starting to form, representing an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods at the beginning of the upcoming cropping season. Just 2 weeks ago I remember seeing a huge swarm in Abu Dhabi that practically blocked out the sun. How’s that for pestilence?

War, well even if it is not physical at present, America has been, and still is, at war for decades. War can also be, sanctions, trade, electronic, etc

So, in that regard America has been at war for a very long time.

End times brother

In view of the information we are gathering, and the severity of the attack, I am becoming more convinced that this very well could be the last days. Don’t get sucked into all that garbage Zionist clap trap about the third temple has not been built yet, and the secret pre tribulation hoax. If you do still believe in that clap trap, I highly recommend you getting a copy of Rick Wiles’s book Final day In it you will discover the sheer folly of the pre trib rapture foisted upon us by the likes of Cyrus Scofield and John Nelson Darby

  • In it you will find ….
  • The truth about the Rapture deception.
  • The occult history of John Nelson Darby’s family.
  • Cyrus Scofield’s dubious history as a conman, liar, swindler, and embellisher.
  • The hidden hand behind Darby and Scofield’s rise to fame.
  • The three snares Jesus warned us to avoid.
  • The clues in the parables about the Lord’s return.
  • The reason the Jewish rulers plotted to murder Jesus.
  • The reason Caiaphas went into a rage.
  • Why every eye shall see Jesus when He returns.
  • What triggers the transformation of our mortal bodies into glorified bodies.
  • Why Jerusalem will be destroyed.
  • Why time will cease to exist.
  • The questions Jesus will ask everybody when He returns. Time is short my friends. It is time to get your life right with your maker before it’s too late. When He shows up there will be no debate, no stating your case, no plea bargain, Nothing, time will be up, no going back, no second chances. The Soveriegn Lord God of the universe will judge righteously and justly and no amount of sobbing and pleading will change what has already been weighed in the scales and found wanting. The writing is on the wall. Read the 5th chapter of Daniel.and understand what it means.
  • Until next time.
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