Question the narative?

Politics and lies.

As I was going out the door this morning, my wife said told me that Gov Gavin Gruesome of California intends to shut down all beaches and parks in California. What is wrong with the man? What is wrong with some healthy exercise? All Mr Gruesome wants to do is flex some power instead of flexing some Grey matter (although in his case the exercise might be very short indeed) he might see that exercising out in the open air is actually a good thing. Sure, wear a mask if you like, but walking along a beach or in a park in nature, where people aren’t breathing all over you, like they are in stores and offices seems like a good option to me.

Who is responsible?

The world has gone crazy, so many of the things that we used to rely on, so many of the things we used to trust and take for granted are no longer available to us. Ever since the beginning if 2020 there has been something amiss, something awry, something not right. There is so much conjecture, rumor, insinuation, deception, that one wonders where will all this end?

The truth is that its not just 2020 that is wrong, there is a whole catalog of things amiss, things awry, that stretches way back in time. Every time there is a disaster, every time there is a war, every time there some diabolical crime, we should question the narrative. There are countless examples of the aforesaid calamities that have befallen us over the years and every time we are given some BS narrative from the lame stream schnooze media. Why do most people listen to this garbage? Are their minds so dull that they can’t discern the truth from a lie? Or, is it that they just don’t care, as long as I got my IPhone and my TV its all good. Listen to this video and tell me that these talking heads are not strictly scripted in what they must say!

Don’t question the narrative.

Ever since JFK (actually way before that) there has been a concerted effort to spin the narrative, look over here – Don’t look over there. Who is responsible for this deception? Why can’t the truth be known? Probably because it is so nasty, so nefarious That we the sheeple might revolt!

911, Sandy hook, Benghazi, weapons of mass destruction, Mandalay Bay Hotel, and on and on. Why is it that the narrative from the lame stream schnooze media almost always contradicts what people who were actually there saw? I remember my pastor at the time, who is an engineer, telling me when I questioned the 911 narrative, that I did not know what I was talking about when I questioned the melting point of steel which is about 2500°F and Kerosene vapor diffused in air (like planes crashing into buildings) will burn at a maximum flame temperature of 1814 °F So, how did the steel melt in less than an hour? What about the so called Pentagon attack, Where was the wreckage, the aircraft bits, the seats, the luggage, the bodies? Then there is building 7 which housed at least 4 government offices, was never hit by anything and fell into its own footprint at about 5pm the same day.

And the official narrative was burning curtains and furniture, burning furniture my ass! If there was fire who started it? and just to get my point across on this one. Please watch this video and listen to what the narrator is saying, it is very revealing when you think about it!

Still think 911 was some Arabs flying around in jets crashing into buildings? Oh, I almost forgot, how freaking amazing that out of all that rubble and junk the FBI managed to find some Arabs passports. Maybe even more revealing is the FBI’s own investigation title. According to Wikipedia

PENTTBOM is the code name for the Federal Bureau of Investigation‘s probe into the September 11 attacks of 2001. The only thing missing from the title is the missing last letter B (just like Hitlery’s emails, missing)


Who would do such a thing?

Your guess is as good as mine. I have a few suspects in mind and I’m sure that if you thought about it for a while you might too. Here’s the thing though, these people, call them what you will, Illuminati, New World Order, Shadow Government, are completely mad. There is an old saying “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” These people who are hiding in the shadows are evil beyond measure. They have a plan for the likes of you and I. Ever heard of Agenda 21? Here is a comic strip version But make no mistake, this stuff is real and dangerous, if you like your freedom. The newer version of Agenda 21 is Agenda 2030 It all seems very good and benevolent on the surface, but then again “they” are not going to tell you the truth, are they?

What I’d like to know is who appointed these people? Did anyone ever get a vote on whether the UN should be formed? Who appoints these people (along with WHO, UNICEF, World vision international et al. ) Where is the democratic process that elects people or organizations, for the people by the people? NO WAY, never. The New world order boys would never permit that, after all we the sheeple don’t know what is good for us, right? There is a hidden elite with their hidden agenda who pull all the strings behind the scenes. They have been in existence since forever, they are from various countries around the world, they have unimaginable wealth and their end game is that you and I work for them and they rule with an iron fist. You think I am nuts? I tell you the truth when I say they are far crazier than I ever was and you mean nothing to them!

Corona hoax

I believe that Covid-19 was/is a real phenomenon. I also know that Dr Fauci and the Obummer administration gave China 3.7 million dollars ( Fact, although Snopes tries to blame Trump somehow ) So, who really is responsible for the virus? Was it America, China, Russia, UK? I guess we will have to wait and see on that one.

Here’s what we do know, Yes there is a virus that has claimed lives unfortunately, but I think the number is far lower than we are being led to believe here in the USA. Doctors and nurses are being asked to “pad” the numbers.    (click link below)


Two brave doctors from Kern County Ca reveal what is really going on with this shutdown, and the thought police at YouTube shut them down and removed the video. Tell me we are not being fed BS. Tell me that we are not allowed to think freely. Tell me that we are not being controlled. I for one am sick and tired of all the BS. In my humble opinion I would guess that Donald Trump is the target of this shutdown here in America to try to ruin his economy for political gain. I believe that if these people would kill 3,000 odd people in 911 and many others at other “events” Then they are quite capable of producing and releasing a virus regardless of where it went, just to achieve their dastardly purpose, no matter who has to die.

Breaking news  1938-future-plans-of-slavery-in-america/

Our only hope

all of this sounds like an out of control disaster novel, maybe that is exactly what it is. There are forces at work here that are powerful beyond belief, and their end game is certainly not for our good. The good news is that as believers in Jesus we can rest in peace at night, which is more than those poor tortured souls can do. Whatever the enemy meant for evil, He turns it for our good. Genesis 50:20

If you do not know Jesus yet and what it is to sleep in perfect peace, read this.

Until next time

God bless

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