A nation cannot survive treason – from within!

Why oh why?

In Job 24 we read in verse 1
Why doesn’t the Almighty establish times for punishment?
Why can’t those who know him see his days?

Good questions, but is it actually true? Should we believe that the God and maker of the whole universe has not established order in His creation? God is the ultimate justice giver and He knows how to judge righteously, so should we not also believe that He has a time and a purpose for everything He has created? And that includes a time of punishment. The good book tells us that He disciplines those He loves, and is a judge of those who in their ignorance commit sin simply by not knowing Him, and what of the willfully ignorant? I personally believe that God has established times of punishment that have been rolled out in the past and will surely be rolled out in the future.

Duet 8:20

Why can’t those who know him see his days?

I have often thought about this and come to the conclusion that if we saw His day’s that we might become somehow a little complacent. After all what would be the need of faith if we could see His physical or metaphysical presence. Humanly speaking we work on the principle of ” i will believe it when i see it” but God says you will see it when you believe it.  Hebrew 11:1  tells us that “faith is being sure of what we hope for, being certain of what we do not see” I once heard a bible teacher say that “it’s a knowing in your knower” 🙂

In 2020 we saw the most corrupt and disgusting election fraud ever perpetrated against the American public, the will of the people was subverted by an evil cabal that thinks they got away with it.

oh really?

Personally i believe that Donald J Trump will still be the president on January 20th 2121 and that Justice will then be served on those who committed treason against this nation. But even if that is not the case, justice will still be served at some God appointed time of that we can be sure.

Job 24 2-4

2 People move boundary stones,
herd flocks they’ve stolen,
3 drive off an orphan’s donkey,
take a widow’s ox as collateral,
4 thrust the poor out of the way,
make the land’s needy hide together.

I don’t know about flocks and donkeys etc, but i do know that boundary stones have been moved,; there has been gross deceit in high places but it has not gone unnoticed, by either man nor God. The “poor” or deplorable’s in Clinton parlance;  have indeed been thrust aside and they have banded together in disgust at what the cabal have done; the division is almost palpable right now.

But God is not mocked and His justice will be metered out at the time of His choosing of that we can be sure; like i said earlier faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we don’t yet see!

Scripture continues….

5 They are like the wild donkeys in the desert;
they go forth at dawn searching for prey;
the wasteland is food for their young.
6 They gather their food in the field,
glean in unproductive vineyards,
7 spend the night naked, unclothed,
in the cold without a cover,
8 wet from mountain rains,
with no refuge, huddled against a rock.
9 The orphan is stolen from the breast;
the infant[b] of the poor is taken as collateral.
10 The poor go around naked, without clothes,
carry bundles of grain while hungry,
11 crush olives between millstones,[c]
tread winepresses, but remain thirsty.
12 From the city, the dying cry out;
the throat of the mortally wounded screams, but God assigns no blame.

God assigns no blame; WHAT?

Maybe not instantly, and Maybe Job is just crying out in frustration, But God does and He will assign blame in due time. I heard a commentator the other day who said something like; maybe God is waiting for them to cement their treachery and treason before passing judgement; IE giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

Sinners’ conduct
13 They rebel against light,
don’t acknowledge its direction,
don’t dwell in its paths.
14 The murderer rises at twilight,
kills the poor and needy;
at night, they are like a thief.

15 The adulterer’s eye watches for twilight,
thinking, No eye can see me,
and puts a mask over his face.
16 In the dark they break into houses;
they shut themselves in by day;
they don’t know the light.
17 Deep darkness is morning to them
because they recognize the horror of darkness.
18 They are scum on the water’s surface;
their portion of the land is cursed;
no one walks down a path in the vineyards.
19 Drought and heat steal melted snow,
just as the underworld[d] steals sinners.
20 The womb forgets them;
the worm consumes them;
they aren’t remembered,
and so wickedness is shattered like a tree.
21 They prey on the barren, the childless,
do nothing good for the widow.
22 They drag away the strong by force;
they may get up but without guarantee of survival.
23 They make themselves secure;
they are at ease.
His[e] eyes are on their ways.
24 They are exalted for a short time, but no longer.
They are humbled then gathered in like everyone else;
cut off like heads of grain.
25 If this isn’t so, who can prove me a liar
and make my words disappear

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